Lee’s Summit is rated one of America’s healthiest cities by utilizing an integrated health and human services network providing services easily accessible to all its citizens whether or not they are insured. In collaboration with its charitable organizations, the City’s health system has developed the resources to assist in providing access to preventative measures, therapy, education, treatment and support to the entire community including the disadvantaged and most vulnerable.

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Special Needs Children’s Council

1200 SE London Way

Lee’s Summit, Mo.  64061

(816) 554-3017



Even though autism is in our name, we represent children of all disabilities.  We are a 501c3 nonprofit corporation with the State of Missouri.  We help parents get the education and skills they need to advocate for their children with the public school system.  We are a source of information to find the right service providers, doctors and therapists to make the progress your child needs to get a quality education so they can reach their potential and strive along with their non-disabled peers. 


A Scholarship program for low-income parents for the services of our educational advocate.  Our board applies for grants so that our advocate only charges minimally for services so they are more accessible to parents ($35/Hr) where most advocates charge between $80 – $150/hr.  The advocate can help parents with Medicaid, Social Security and other federal program applications and processes.  We have bi-yearly events that are free to children events that are free to children with disabilities and their families.  Our corporation is not faith-based.  We are attempting to secure funding in order to offer future temporary assistance to pay for therapies while parents are in the approval process for other programs.